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How to Get Your Industrial Machinery Technicians Home for Dinner Every Night

A Service Manager’s Guide to Field Service Technology

Part 2: A Technology Guide to Improving Field Service

The “Real” Cost of Improving Field Service

As a service manager, I’m sure you have concerns about changing your processes. They might not be perfect, but is the grass really greener? In this case, yes. If you haven’t looked at how you manage your remote field team in more than two years, you might be surprised at how quickly advancements have been made in field service technology. If you have doubts or are concerned about adoption or budgets, let’s take a closer look at some of the most comment hesitations in updating field service technology.

It’s so complicated! So many new technologies are on the market, how do I choose the right one?

Businessman standing in front of opened doors and making decisionOnerous change is a huge fear. Implementation complications can distract you from your job, and management might even say that this is unnecessary. The reality is that it will cost you orders of magnitude more NOT to do anything that to TRY something. You just have to be smart about what you pilot – and hopefully eventually roll-out. 

The investment is daunting: our margins are tight and we can’t afford to implement a team-wide solution.

Completely understandable. However, you also can’t afford to ignore that something needs to change and progress. Look for a solution that lets you use equipment you already own (e.g. smartphones and tablets). It’s important that it is scalable and lets you opt in to the features most important to your team. A per-user, short- or no-contract SaaS system that doesn’t require new technology investment might be the best place to start.

Our field service techs don’t like change/new things. We fear that even if we make the investment, they won’t use it.

Conduct a quick survey and ask your techs the following questions:

  • Do you have a smartphone?
  • Do you use it for voice or video calls regularly?
  • Have you ever used a messaging application, like text messaging or WhatsApp?
  • Do you take photos and/or videos on the smartphone?

If the answers are yes, they already know how to use some of the easiest and best solutions on the market to help them do their jobs better. They just might not know it yet.

Engineer working with laptop installing  solar panels

We don’t have a budget or bandwidth to train all our technicians on how to use anything new.

Great. There are solutions on the market that are so simple to use that if they have used a smartphone and can take a photo, a 10 minute online video can teach them everything else they need to know to hit the ground running.

What are the benefits of updating your field service technology tools?

By picking the right solution that fits your needs, you’ll see major benefits virtually overnight, including:

  • Reduction of costs and intervention times
  • Increased process control and tracking of interventions
  • Simplified data management 
  • Data centralization and augmented knowledge bank
  • Increased revenues

Of course, success depends on picking the right vendor partner. If you would like to experience any or all of these benefits, we urge service managers to consider implementing Livemote.


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Livemote is an incredibly flexible easy-to-deploy mobile end-to-end solution that helps manage your field workforce. By empowering your “front line” field service techs with a virtually unlimited knowledge base and instantaneous access to the expert operators via chat, video streaming and a unique Augmented Reality solution powered with artificial intelligence, interventions are resolved faster. No new equipment is needed: everything can be accessed on existing smartphones or tablets via the Livemote app. Because the WhatsApp-like interface is familiar to many, using the app is simple and intuitive for both field service and remote experts: no training is required.


Once installed and implemented, all of your service processes are manageable and trackable. As a service manager you can analyze data and KPIs easily with the Livemote Dashboard.

Do you already have Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics or whatever else Enterprise Management Platform? Excellent! Then you can leverage on our fully API architecture to connect almost what you need.

Livemote is affordable and scalable: you can select the number of users and features needed and roll out the solution gradually. You’ll find that Livemote is a unique Field Service Management Software that generates significant impact on your customer ROI by enabling you as a service manager to transform your field workforce from “just technicians” to “trusted advisors” of your customers. This makes for happier customers, and it save you time, money, and makes for a content field service team. 

To learn more about what Livemote can do for your organization, contact us today for a free no-obligation demo.

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Livemote Team
Livemote Team

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