How to Get Your Industrial Machinery Technicians Home for Dinner Every Night

A Service Manager’s Guide to Field Service Technology Part 1: Leveraging Your Field Service Team High quality service is what every service manager strives for, but in the industrial machinery business, one small mistake can cause a huge ripple effect across a customer’s business – and directly impact your reputation. How can you ensure the highest quality service no matter the time or place?

Customer Experience in the age of SLAs

Think back to a time when you received something helpful unexpectedly. Maybe it was a car dealer giving you a welcome package of free service the first year after the purchase of your new vehicle. Maybe it was an upgrade to the next level of the SaaS you needed right then to complete a project at work – at no charge. 

Are Field Service Innovation Managers really ready to embrace digital transformation?

As Livemote works with augmented reality, we set up alerts for related news and see new applications of the technology come across our desks every day. A headline caught my eye a few weeks back and I can’t stop thinking of it.

How do you guarantee additional cash flow and happy customers?

Boost your field service with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence 

SAP Maintenance Innovation Day

Digital transformation is profoundly changing the way companies operate and interact with the end customer. As one of the most affected industries by this technological and cultural revolution, the field service makes no exception. The application of technology can have a transversal impact in terms of improving the efficiency of maintenance operations and increasing the competitiveness of companies and organizations.

What’s next for augmented reality?

AR beyond games and into the field.

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